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What does a Co2 Air Blast Cannon do?

When the party time get's soooooo hot that you begin to sweat, hyperventilate, and lose control, a refreshing blast of Co2 should do the trick to cool you down and bring you to your senses. 😁

A Co2 Air Blast Cannon, is a device that uses compressed carbon dioxide (Co2) to create a blast of cold air for a fog-like effect.

Co2 cannons are often used in nightclubs, concerts, and other entertainment events to create a dramatic and visually stunning effect that enhances the overall experience for the audience.

Co2 cannons work by storing liquid Co2 in a pressurized cylinder, which is connected to a hose. When the cylinder is opened, the liquid Co2 is released and rapidly expands into a gas, creating a dense cloud of white "fog" or cold air.

The sudden release of Co2 can also create a loud noise, adding to the dramatic effect.

CO2 cannons are often used in conjunction with lighting effects and music to create a dynamic and immersive experience for the audience.

& yes! Just in case you were wondering... We also offer "Las Vegas" Style Co2 Jets!

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